Your hands are an essential part of the body that assists in carrying out various tasks. However, it can also put you at risk when touching your nose, mouth, eyes, and other parts of your body. Since it comes into contact with surfaces that others have touched, it transfers germs and bacteria to your face, which may result in illness. For this reason, it’s essential to wash your hands with soap and water or use a Brisbane hand sanitiser. More individuals and businesses are deciding to buy hand sanitiser in Brisbane to help eliminate germs. Derma Fend Hand Sanitiser Wholesale Direct stock a wide range of products that are key to battle surface bacteria and viruses.



Ideally, you should wash your hands with soap and water, however, hand sanitiser is available for use after washing your hands or when soap and water aren’t accessible. Hand sanitiser should be a staple on your shopping list, whether you have a household or an organisation to operate. Consider the benefits of having access to hand sanitiser at all times.

  • Installing hand sanitiser stations around a building increases the level of hygiene. The primary benefit of the product is that it cleans and eliminates germs. When you use it correctly, hand sanitiser removes 99.9 percent of bacteria which you should do every time you’re near food, animals, and trash.

  • Accessing the bathroom to wash your hands with soap and water may be difficult, especially in a corporate environment. Large buildings have bathrooms in areas that require a lengthy walk. However, when you bulk buy hand sanitiser in Brisbane, you can decant the product into smaller bottles that you can station throughout the building, making it possible to sanitise your hands all day. You can apply this to schools, gyms, and places of worship.

  • Humans become ill when we’re exposed to germs. The presence of the Covid-19 virus is another reason why hand sanitiser is critical. You must limit your exposure to germs from other people to avoid contracting a virus. Using hand sanitiser regularly throughout the day and after every interaction decreases the possibility of becoming ill.



Hand sanitisers are now available at almost every location. From public washrooms to shopping malls, you will find a dispenser with hand sanitiser. While the majority of people adhere to these new protocols, some dispute the effectiveness of hand sanitiser. This information should provide a clearer picture in terms of what hand sanitiser offers. 

  • In the absence of soap and water, the best type of hand sanitiser to use is those that contain enzymes. Studies have demonstrated that the most effective product has an alcohol concentration of between 60 to 90 percent. Only sanitisers with high alcohol content can kill germs on your hands.

  • Hand sanitisers that contain alcohol can rapidly decrease the number of microorganisms in your hands when you apply it correctly. If your hands are greasy, it won’t work as effectively. Sanitisers work best in environments where hands have come into contact with germs but are still relatively clean and free from visible dirt.

  • The proper process of using hand sanitiser involves squeezing a thumbnail-sized drop onto the surface of your palm. Rub it into the rest of your hands and don’t forget your nail beds. If you find that the sanitiser has dissipated in under 15 seconds, you haven’t applied sufficient hand sanitiser.



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